How Text-To-Speech Improves Commerce

How Text-To-Speech Improves Commerce

For people who make their living with words, and for businesses who want to communicate with their customers, Text-to-Speech technology is a fantastic tool.

Writers, bloggers, editors and content producers are discovering that Text-to-Speech makes proofreading and editing faster and much more accurate. Hearing copy read aloud makes it easy to identify grammatical and spelling mistakes.

All commerce to a greater or lesser extent now takes place online. Digital communication on various appliances is ubiquitous and it’s not going to change. Historically, web content providers have been limited to read-only, text-based offerings. Recently more dynamic approaches have been possible with the widespread use of video and interactive media. With the addition of text-to-speech technology, anyone with learning or reading-related disabilities can enjoy a more satisfying experience. Frustration and alienation are eliminated by adding Text-to-Speech to an application. Businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition by offering consumable content for every user.

It is always a good thing to give your customers choices. Some consumers may want to read content, others may prefer to listen to content, and some will want to do both. Giving customers the freedom to choose how they learn about and interact with a business by adding TTS functionality to an application is a win-win for all.

Because until recently there has not been a way to capitalize on the power of the spoken word on a large scale in the digital realm, the power and benefits of listening have been overlooked.

Listening looks easy, but it’s not simple. Every head is a world. (Cuban proverb)

Most people will agree that there is a significant difference between “listening” and “hearing.” In general, hearing seems effortless and automatic and listening feels intentional and selective. Businesses can use these differences to improve their relationships with their clients and to spread their messages widely. Offering TTS technology as part of digital outreach and social media marketing makes good business sense.

Planning and organization are essential features of listening, and planning and organizing are fundamental to commerce. A well-informed consumer makes a satisfied customer. Effective communication skills benefit everyone, in every milieu. Whether communication involves class discussion, comparison shopping, lecturing in the classroom, dialogues with colleagues and students, or networking in conference receptions, the ability to listen strategically is essential.