Meet InclusiveDocs at CSUN 2023!

Meet InclusiveDocs at CSUN 2023!

The Center of Disabilities through CSUN, for over 38 years, has provided an ideal setting for exhibitors, speakers, practitioners, educators, and other attendants to share their best practices and knowledge related to assistive technology.

It is a well-known forum for presenting how cutting-edge technology incorporates the most practical solutions for disabled people, removing barriers and including everyone in all aspects of life.

Besides the pre-conference workshops, conferences, and sponsorship showcases, exhibitors will present their products in the Exhibit Hall! The Exhibit hall is the perfect spot for discovering and learning more about the latest practices in assistive technology, and that’s what InclusiveDocs offers.

Wednesday, March 13 – 17, at the Anaheim Marriott

Join us at boot #810

Let’s see what you will learn and discover about our product at the conference!

InclusiveDocs has been a valuable partner to all businesses for more than fifteen years, and we continue to meet the challenges of all clients by bringing document accessibility to a higher level. Essentially we have developed a document remediation process using AI, NLP, and other technologies that extract data from unstructured files (mostly pdf) and deliver an accessible reading experience for any.

Our output offers the end-user the ability to consume the content regardless of their disability, the content is reflowed into structured HTML, with screen reader compatibility, downloadable accessible ePub, and an accessible PDF.

The team will demonstrate InclusiveDocs and its components. All conference participants will be able to get familiar with the idea of using a multipurpose platform that allows brands to read and describe all types of content formats, making it accessible and usable by everyone. InclusiveDocs focuses on everyone regardless of their disability.

Our product offers everyone the same access to information, which is why InclusiveDocs has a screen reader with three different reading views. Those are the following: a classic view, a reflow view, and a screen reader view, as well as an opportunity to download an accessible PDF, ePub, and regular PDF.

Making your content accessible for everyone has never been easier!

You can test all reading views from the screen reader during the conference in the exhibit hall and see how each reading view differs. We’ll give you a little hint: you can adjust everything here, starting from a customized background, zooming, sharing links, usage of text-to-speech technology (TTS), and so on.

Another vital component of our product is the bookshelf. The bookshelf is a starting point for the screen reader and a list where all branded apps, articles, titles, and issues appear.

InclusiveDocs Brings Equalized and Innovative Opportunities for Publishers

One of InclusiveDocs’s crucial components is the “portal,” i.e., a platform with all possible features. The only access to this platform is for the admins and the publishers, who can manage all titles, issues, and branded apps here.

InclusiveDocs incorporates each environment easily. We aim to provide and share knowledge on making digital products accessible to people with different disabilities. Thus we include an advanced tool consisting of two components, a boxing component that enables the screen reader mode and an enhancement component that allows the reader to enrich their PDF by adding links, videos, gifs, HTML, etc. Whether you want to publish magazine content, have accessible learning materials, or digitalise and make administrative paperwork accessible, InclusiveDocs is the right solution for you.

InclusiveDocs crafts accessible digital solutions that change the world!

We offer a holistic approach to content accessibility that breaks down the silos in the daily spectrum of challenges.

Learn more about our product during the CSUN 38th Conference.

Drop by for some SWAG materials. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one that will win the giveaway!

See you at the Exhibit Hall on 13 – 17 March.

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