Move the Needle on Our Redesigned Bookshelf and Mobile

Move the Needle on Our Redesigned Bookshelf and Mobile

What’s New at InclusiveDocs

Unlike a good bottle of wine, your apps don’t improve with age. Hence, except for the modern look, our development team put all their efforts during the past several months into ensuring that we are knocking out of the park the essential features for updating the publisher’s info available now in the new portal. Now, you can access them as part of the Branded App card.

Let’s dive into all that news!

We’ve elevated our design

The release of our newly redesigned bookshelf provides a smooth user experience and an intuitive and modern interface design that makes us stand out from our competitors. This fresh and modern look is more client-oriented and will meet your client’s needs. We redesigned some of the elements of our brand identity, beautified our color palette, and brought to life our Bookshelf, focusing on minimalism and seamless navigation.

Following the path of the most successful and recognizable accessibility brands, InclusiveDocs invests a lot of time in improvements and optimizations. Thus, our team tirelessly works to improve the bookshelf for a better experience and easy navigation. We are thrilled to let you know that we will be introducing more updates soon. Please share your feedback and ideas with us to improve your experience.

Food for thought: InclusiveDocs dived deeper into our target audience, got all the feedback, and turned all ideas into reality. If you thought that redesign is only a fresh and modern look that follows the trends, you might be wrong because this is your product identity, and this is how we made our bookshelf memorable.

Our newly redesigned bookshelf portrays a sophisticated approach that highlights and provides you with the right amount of information to educate and convert potential customers. The robust and well-functioning design system with color–balanced layouts provides a functional user experience aligned with the latest standards. Together with the mobile responsive design, it creates a cohesion of great functioning.

At InclusiveDocs, we always put our clients first, so we devoted our time to redesigning the bookshelf, which is why we continue to be your first choice of assistive technology. Our approach to accessibility is unique and can adapt to each environment and individual. While having the same access to information is our main goal, we try to develop an excellent experience for all people with disabilities that will help them overcome barriers.