The Metaverse is here: But is it accessible?

The Metaverse is here: But is it accessible?

The Metaverse is here, and it’s taking over the internet by storm. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg, who’s rebranded Facebook as Meta and plans to bring the Metaverse to life at its full potential. While virtual realities are becoming more “real” everyday, they still have a long way to go before they can fully replace the way we work, shop, play, and interact online.

The Metaverse also unlocks new levels of development in digital accessibility, but a lot is to be done before it can truly become a place where anyone can do anything. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into what this means for people with disabilities and how we can create an accessible virtual experience together.

What is the Metaverse?

Facebook explains the Metaverse as a parallel reality where avatars are a representation of the human self. The Metaverse is meant to be an immersive journey, where you can be a part of the experience and not just observe it. In general, the Metaverse is comprised of virtual or augmented realities that are accessed via equipment like virtual reality headsets or goggles, computer screens, and controllers. The possibilities are endless in virtual worlds, giving people with and without disabilities experiences they’ve never had before.

Is it accessible?

In short, not totally. There’s something to be said about giving a physically disabled person the experience of running, jumping, or even flying. But as mentioned, entering these virtual experiences requires using VR equipment. While some accessible versions of VR equipment exist, like the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC), the majority are not disability friendly. Some VR headsets are simply too heavy and the controllers are made with fully able-bodied anatomy in mind.

On the other hand, sharing information via the Metaverse is pretty easy, and with the use of cryptocurrencies on the rise, the Metaverse is quickly becoming a marketplace for day-to-day transactions. The Metaverse can provide a platform for businesses and individuals to share information of any sort just as in the real world. But are the virtual documents shared within these transactions or interactions accessible to people with disabilities? Also, not totally (or not yet).

InclusiveDocs is contributing to an Accessible Digital World

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