The Power of InclusiveDocs: Leaving Competitors in the Dust

The Power of InclusiveDocs: Leaving Competitors in the Dust

Unveiling InclusiveDocs

Suppose you’re wondering why you should choose InclusiveDocs over our competitors. In that case, the answer is simple: we are committed to providing digital documents that are accessible, ensuring a more inclusive online experience for everyone. For over fifteen years, InclusiveDocs has harnessed cutting-edge AI, NLP, and other technology-based document remediation processes that can extract data from unstructured files such as PDF and EPUB. Our primary objective has always been to provide an accessible reading experience for all.

Now let’s discover the game-changing features of InclusiveDocs!

The AI Revolution: How InclusiveDocs Incorporates This Cutting-Edge Technology

Nowadays, AI can tackle some of the obstacles across various industries, starting from healthcare, publishers, education, and governmental institutions. But there is one field in which AI has massively advanced, and without question, that is assistive technology.

Millions of people worldwide face different challenges and rely heavily on assistive technology. Although you might think InclusiveDocs is just another fish in the sea of assistive technologies, we are here to prove you wrong.

InclusiveDocs expertly converts digital documents into various accessible formats, including PDFs and EPUBs. We start with basic features like text-to-speech and then elevate our services with AI capabilities to provide customized content that consistently meets the needs of our clients. Our fully accessible EPUBs are always available to you on any of your devices.

Continuous Progress of Iterative Improvements

Our software provides quick and accurate solutions. Although the initial document remediation may not be perfect, subsequent ones will improve as the AI learns from more data. The remediation process always involves a combination of manual and automated intervention, where there will be a great improvement with each future cycle. InclusiveDocs has nothing but rapid remediation with fast preciseness and quality.

Find your Perfect Balance With InclusiveDocs: Costs vs. Results

At InclusiveDocs, you can unlock many accessible formats in record time. You will have the opportunity to experience excellent efficiency. We understand the value of time, and our team is committed to saving you. InclusiveDocs’ time-saving solutions swiftly deliver diverse, accessible formats catering to our client’s needs.

So say goodbye to all time-consuming processes and give a chance to our streamlined approach that maximizes accessibility without delays! While we handle the rest, you can focus on your time and what matters.


As mentioned before, our team utilizes both AI and manual remediation. However, we prioritize manual remediation as the initial step for quality assurance. Subsequent iterations are improved as the AI receives more information and optimizes the format accordingly.

Our dedication to quality is unmatched. We believe in the power of manual remediation and AI to continuously improve our work as we strive to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

Boxing Tool

Our software includes a valuable feature called a boxing tool. This tool provides options for both screen reader mode and enhancement mode. With enhancement mode, readers can add links, videos, gifs, HTML, and more to their PDFs. Whether you’re a publisher, an educator looking to make materials more accessible, or an organization seeking to digitalize materials, InclusiveDocs may be the perfect solution for you.


InclusiveDocs offers services that not only test and prepare your document formats for being accessible, but it provide complete remediation that all users can access. It is software that helps convert all types of digital content to be accessible for everyone. To learn more about InclusiveDocs, please visit our website or book a demo with someone from our team.