The Vital Importance of InclusiveDocs in the World of Publishers

The Vital Importance of InclusiveDocs in the World of Publishers

The Ins of Assistive Technology in Digital Publishing

Over one billion people worldwide have disabilities and may need assistive technology to help them function. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of them have access to digital publishing. Many of them do not even have access to technology and the internet. We strive to ensure that each person we support is treated as an equal citizen with the same rights and opportunities. This means providing them with reliable access to devices and the internet. Our goal is to reduce digital isolation for the individuals we assist.

If you’re a magazine publisher or need to format your content for educational purposes, InclusiveDocs can assist you. Our software uses the latest AI and NLP technologies and extracts text from unstructured files such as PDFs and EPUBs.

Why Screen Reader Is Essential to Have

Screen readers are pivotal in enabling individuals with visual impairments to access and interact with digital content seamlessly. Our assistive technology has been specifically developed to provide auditory or tactile feedback, allowing people who are blind or have limited vision to navigate websites, applications, and digital documents in any format and other digital resources.

Screen readers are also software products for users with learning disabilities. They locate the information on the computer screen and vocalize it using text-to-speech software and sometimes hardware.

By converting textual information and interface elements into speech, screen readers empower individuals to independently explore and engage with the digital world, fostering inclusivity and enhancing accessibility for everyone. That’s what inclusiveDocs is trying to do.

Read on to learn more details about how InclusiveDocs will help publishers.

Exploring the Key Role of InclusiveDocs in Digital Publishing

InclusiveDocs offers a screen reader mode and a possibility for publishers’ branded apps where each publisher can use their branded app and their issue for reading through the screen reader.

Our top priority is to make publications accessible, but we also offer a range of customization features during the process. With our platform, you can easily add media, play videos and gifs, HTML, and include interactive annotations on any page. Our tools make it simple to publish your content on both mobile and web platforms without requiring any programming skills. Not to mention that our screen readers are compatible with any system requirements, including iOS and Google Play.

From magazines and learning materials to administrative paperwork and publications, our platform ensures seamless access to all your favourite resources. With our user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can easily navigate through various formats and have a smooth user experience.

So say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple subscriptions and platforms, and experience the convenience of our all-in-one solution.

Blowing Off the Steam for Customers

If you are a publisher seeking to digitize materials, InclusiveDocs is the perfect solution for you. It eliminates the need to limit your business and ensures that your issues are available and accessible to everyone.

Long story short, there is a moral imperative that your publications should be inclusive, but also there is one business case for complying with the law’s accessibility guidelines. At the end of the day, better access will provide more readers/users.

Empowering Dyslexic Individuals with InclusiveDocs

At InclusiveDocs, we offer digital editions that are enhanced with text-to-speech (TTS) technology for easier reading and listening. Our platform includes a vector zoom feature, which allows users to zoom in up to 30 times the regular zoom parameters. This feature is beneficial for users with visual impairments.

Our software is comprehensive and incorporates all the latest technological advancements. The most crucial component is our reflow feature which follows the dyslexic publishing guide by using appropriate fonts, typography, spacing, padding, and background to make our content accessible to everyone. By using InclusiveDocs, not only users with dyslexia but also people with learning disabilities and those learning a new language will benefit greatly.

Final Thoughts

As a publisher, making your content accessible to everyone through digital means can be a difficult task. However, InclusiveDocs is here to help remove those barriers and simplify the process of making your document formats and content accessible to all. Regardless of the user devices, and other range of user features, InclusiveDocs offers a robust and understandable reading experience. Having seamless navigation, descriptive text for all images and links, and added GIFs to your PDFs are powerful features that will make your publications among the best ones on the digital market.

If you are a publisher looking to create digital content from your printed publications, InclusiveDocs is here to help. Get in touch with us so we can help you launch digital products on the market.