Choosing the Right Partner for Your Digital Publication

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Digital Publication

The term “responsive magazines” is heard a lot these days. At the most basic, a responsive magazine adapts. For example, no matter what device it is being accessed from, a responsive magazine will adjust the screen size and formatting to match the device.

Digital publishers that use PDfs mean to replicate their print edition on an electronic device. This is usually not a problem when being viewed on a big screen such as a laptop, or desktop monitor but becomes nearly impossible to read on a mobile phone or tablet device.

In addition, a PDF is a static document without interactive features such as page links or videos. Responsive and interactive reading experiences are what is expected, and rightly so. The new normal is social media and it is important to make sure that your digital publishing solution has broad interactive capabilities. The platform you choose must allow you to add interactivity easily. Once you’ve uploaded your PDF, you should be able to add videos, animations, GIFs, sounds, and whatever other media you’d like to include.

Another feature that is very important to consider when choosing a digital publisher is whether or not it offers native, iOS and Android apps. A solid web application is required, but so too is being able to offer readers a great user experience no matter how they access the publication.

The ability to turn your magazine into native mobile apps in a cost-effective way is a huge asset for your publication. Branded apps available in the major application marketplaces give broad visibility to your company.

The fee model is also an important point to consider when choosing a digital publishing solution. Different products have different business models for their services, including flat monthly fees and revenue-sharing models.

Knowing your customer has never been more important, and the ability to compile and analyze statistics and data about user habits is imperative to attracting and maintaining clients and building effective marketing strategies. Some of the metrics currently available to measure the reach and success of your issues include measuring the number of unique visitors, link clicks, dwell time, source of traffic, and page visits.

CRM (customer relationship management) is also a consideration. Engaging with clients, listening to suggestions and being able to address any difficulties that arise promptly is very important. Negative feedback can be very damaging if not dealt with swiftly.

This is a broad overview of some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a digital publishing solution. Different businesses and industries will have requirements unique to them, so ask lots of questions before deciding on a product that will be your digital persona going forward, and make sure that you choose a platform that is flexible and able to offer customizable solutions.